I'm a mermaid and my husband is Justin Bieber. Camila ~ 15 ~ Brazil

Name? Camila :)

Age? 14 

Where you from? Brazil!

How long have you been on tumblr? Since 2011, but I started use most in july

Check me out? always. I’ll usually respond privately with my opinion.

Can you vote for me/tell your followers to vote? I will always vote for you!! Just message me!

Reblog this? if it fits in with my theme, of course! 

follow back? unfortunately, no :/ 

promo me? If I have talked to you on here before/we’re friends

Promo for Promo? Sure, if I follow you!

Why did you unfollowed mee? Seriously, don’t message me this kind of stuff.Simply it’s because you’ve been  rude, or changed your blog style, or didn’t post for a really long time.

Who did your banner? She did.

I love you all, please don’t hesitate to ask me anything <3